Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Gamers Fail the Test of Boobs: D3Publisher's New Game Reveal Counter Pushed to Over 999 Days

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If you hoped that fans would abstain from clicking those tempting breasts in order to get an early reveal of D3Publisher's new game, you were oh so wrong.

Ohio court will hear debate on autopsies of 8 family members

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The Ohio Supreme Court said Wednesday it will hear an open records dispute involving autopsy reports in the unsolved slayings of eight family members.


Ys Origin Review - Dungeons, Demons, Ys Oh My! | PlayStation Lifestyle

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This PC port is good, but too much holds it back from being as good as it could be. Find out why PSLS can't recommend it to newcomers in their Ys Origin review.

Clarke's Leadership on The 100 Is In Real Danger Based on This Sneak Peek

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Oh s--t. Remember last week on The 100, when Clarke (Eliza Taylor) made that list of the 100 people who most deserved to be saved, if the repaired drop ship was their only option? We...


Caretaker filmed performing sexual dance on 100-year-old man

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Police say a caretaker was filmed performing a sexually provocative dance on a 100-year-old resident at an Ohio assisted living home and has been charged with gross sexual imposition.


Cop Helps Girl, 10, With Math Homework After She Messaged Police Department on Facebook

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"I'm having trouble with my homework. Could you help me?" 10-year-old Lena wrote in a Facebook message to the Marion, Ohio Police Department.

Weather Service Warns Of 'Imminent' Dam Break In Nevada

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The National Weather Service in Reno, Nevada, is warning of an "imminent" dam break about 85 miles northeast of the Reno-Lake Tahoe area, the Springfield, Ohio, News Sun reports. The NWS is urging people to evacuate immediately. The area was already dealing with a Winter Storm Warning. According the Reno NWS office, the South Dayton Retention Pond in Central Lyon County, Nevada, could break by 5 p.m. EST. Between two and four feet of water could rush into the areas of East Dayton Nevada. It's unclear how many people live in the affected areas, but according to a 2010 census, more than 50,000 people reside in the region. The NWS is urging people to immediately seek...

Ohio policeman helps girl, 10, with maths homework

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Brave Lt BJ Gruber, of Marion, Ohio, offered up his help without realising the subject was maths.


Horizon Zero Dawn Review - NGB

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Guerrilla Games turn their attention away from the nightmarish landscapes of Helghan and the Killzone series, and bring us a post-apocalyptic open world with a twist. Set on earth, hundreds of years after a mysterious event, Horizon Zero Dawn sees humanity split into primitive tribes, with the remnants of The Old Ones all around. Oh, and there are robot dinosaurs. Lots of robot dinosaurs.

Elizabeth Ohene: 'Honourable for life'

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Life as an MP in Ghana is a tough and short-lived stint, but the privilege of being called "Honourable" is worth the trouble, writes Elizabeth Ohene.


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