Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Donald Trump Is CPAC's Conquering Hero, but Tensions Remain

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President Donald Trump is set to dominate the Conservative Political Action Conference this week in Maryland.

Political capital

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Flooding again becomes a political issue amid the race to be the Indonesian capital's governor.


Cyberwar talk is getting real

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The existential threat of cyberwar has shifted from hand-waving about 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' to hand-waving about 'digital atomic bombs'. Hype? Maybe. Either way, politicians are talking tough.


Conservatives are 'hopeful but wary' going into annual gathering near D.C

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The conference, which kicks off Wednesday just outside Washington, D.C., inadvertently found itself at the center of a scandal this weekend when a 2016 podcast interview with slated speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, in which the controversial former senior editor at Breitbart News appeared to endorse sexual relations between grown men and boys as young as 13, spread across social media. Backlash to the interview led the American Conservative Union (ACU) to disinvite Mr. Yiannopoulos from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Trump confidante says administration has 'got to slow down,' stop media war

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A friend and confidante of President Donald Trump says he believes that the administration has "been doing too much," and that "they’ve got to slow down" and tone down its confrontation with the media. Chris Ruddy, CEO of conservative outlet Newsmax Media, has been a friend of Trump’s for nearly 20 years, much of that time as a member of the president’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. He told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on the "Powerhouse Politics" podcast that the administration has been experiencing "messaging problems" during the first month in office, but calling those issues chaos "overstates it." Ruddy said that all of the cabinet members are "A or A+ people," but that Trump’s inexperience as a politician means he’s on a "learning curve." "He is used to being very reactive, shooting from the hip and just telling people what he thinks," Ruddy said. "I think there’s a view within the inside that they’ve been doing too much, that they’re stepping all over...

Jamie Delano Talks Politics, Anger and His World Without End

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Jamie Delano Talks Politics, Anger and His World Without End
CBR catches up with Jamie Delano, the original writer of "Hellblazer," to talk his career and "World Without End."


Trump’s mixed message on immigration: An opening for a deal?

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Despite a raw partisanship in American politics right now, a new poll by Morning Consult/Politico finds that both Democratic and Republican voters – about 70 percent – want political leaders to compromise to “get things done.” If lawmakers choose to reflect that cooperative spirit among voters, they could start with immigration. Despite President Trump’s executive actions on immigration – a travel ban on those from certain countries, an order to build a wall with Mexico, and a wider net to catch those in the country illegally – he has also begun to walk back some of his rhetoric on unauthorized migrants. “There was an almost universal interest in addressing our lauded immigration system,” Sen. John Cornyn (R) of Texas told CNN about the White House meeting.

Why Town Hall Unrest Spells Big Trouble for GOP Lawmakers

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First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter


This candidate is airing his 'dirty laundry'

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Noah Dyer's campaign website looks like any other political site: A picture of the candidate, a short bio, a page asking for donations.


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