Wednesday, 22 February 2017
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Krai Mira Spiritual Successor to Classic Fallout Making A Comeback

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War. War never changes. Krai Mira, a post-apocalyptic isometric RPG, takes huge inspiration from genre classics like Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. In order to survive, the player needs to be cunning, ruthless, and use their survival skills. The air is filled with toxic poison and enemies lurk ahead it certainly wont be easy to make it out alive.

Final Fantasy XV: How To Access New Timed Quest, Rewards And Tips

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The new timed quest requires the player to kill 100 Cactaurs/Slactaurs and rewards with a lot of experience points, AP and more.

Police end 'high five Fridays' at schools amid complaints

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The police department said it created the program to engage with kids.


These are the new symbols of hate

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The swastikas. The bolts. The bastardized crosses. While polite society may want to believe these well-trodden images are anachronisms, the truth is these brands of hate are surprisingly enduring. And, like any other brand, they are also subject to evolution and changing tastes.

White House plans narrower travel ban

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President Donald Trump is preparing to seize on a second chance to make a first impression with the release this week of a new executive order temporarily halting travel from citizens of seven nations he says pose a high risk of terrorism.

China's biggest troublemakers?

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"One word the police use a lot is 'troublemakers'."


Models save teens who fell through ice while taking pictures on frozen pond

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Tourist Lourdes Cuevas and her family were taking in the beauty of one of New York City's iconic spots when they spotted some teens balancing on an icy pond.

N Korean diplomat suspected in Kim Jong Nam killing

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Malaysian police hunt embassy and airline staff over death of Kim Jong Un’s brother

On the front lines of China's record-level labor unrest

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"One word the police use a lot is 'troublemakers'."


Iceland's President said he would ban pineapple on pizza if he could

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Pineapple on pizza: you love it, or you hate it so much you use your power as president of a small country to make it literally illegal. In what's being called a "political bombshell" by Iceland Magazine,  President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson said he would ban pineapple as a topping on pizzas— if he were allowed to pass laws on his own. SEE ALSO: Trump thinks something terrible happened in Sweden, so here come the IKEA and ABBA jokes The incendiary comments were in response to questions from students about where he stood on the concept of pineapple as a topping while visiting a local high school. Word of his controversial opinion quickly spread across the internet, where it began trending on Twitter. With a debate as contentious as this one, everybody had to get a word in. not only does iceland use entirely renewable energy but their president is also a WOKE BAE — eva (@myIoveiscooI) February 21, 2017 Emotions flared. you can all stay in Iceland as well so us pineapple on pizza lovers can live in peace and tastiness — Luke Brooks (@luke_brooks) February 21, 2017 Brands are even taking to Twitter to make their stance on the issue known.  No ban here  — DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) February 21, 2017 Long after the last pineapple is thrown into the Icelandic sea, DiGiorno Pizza's Last Stand will be remembered: "No ban here  ." BONUS: Snap's Spectacles

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