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Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Says She Stabbed Him And He “Almost Died”


Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Says She Stabbed Him And He “Almost Died”

Rapper Nicki Minaj and her ex Safaree Samuels are taking to Twitter to air a few complaints.

Samuels blamed Minaj for attempting to murder him with a blade, and portrayed it in distinctive detail in one tweet: “Recall the night you cut me and I nearly passed on the police and emergency vehicle needed to take me out the den on a stretcher and I needed to lie and disclose to them I was endeavoring to slaughter myself so they wouldn’t take you to imprison. At the point when things like that begin happening more Than once it’s an ideal opportunity to plunge.”

The forward and backward started when Minaj’s extensive meeting with radio station Hot 97 turned out and she tended to her association with Samuels, and additionally being a female rapper and manage secretly composing allegations. Samuels denied assertions that he composed the Queen rapper’s tunes: “How frequently have I said I never composed ur raps? No one even discusses that any longer.”

Before he said he never composed Minaj’s raps, be that as it may, Samuels inferred that maybe his ex had some incomplete business with her emotions. “Except if I truly minded still I couldn’t give the specify of somebody’s name a chance to get me that exasperated up. That resembles some1 who either stlll cares or simply clutching a ton of loathe towards somebody,” he tweeted.

Amid her meeting with Funk Flex, Minaj wound up cautious of the gossipy tidbits that she had a professional writer (one of them being Samuels), and how it’s a twofold standard female rappers confront today. “I’ve generally been resolved that do I compose my own raps, as well as that I need all ladies compose their own particular raps,” she said.

Back on Twitter, the “Boa constrictor” rapper suggested a period that Samuels utilized her cash. “U stole my card and disclosed to me you thought it was a record with “free cash” that I didn’t think about,” she composed. She at that point considered her ex a liar: “God will strike you down and more to lie. Ha! Quit saying u pressed and left ! On Jesus u went to my home CRYING BEGGING to go w|me to Europe to the EMA’s. I said NO DUMMY.”

Samuels penned a rejoinder and demanded their issues were a two-way road. He additionally referenced Minaj’s association with Meek Mill, who she dated for a couple of years. “We know each other back to front. Everything there was for us. I didn’t utilize your card for whores. We both didn’t confide in each other. You shitted I shitted. You said you were disturbing accommodating a couple of years b4 y’all got together and I’m not frantic at that,” he tweeted.

He kept on depicting their “harmful” relationship: “I got things done for resentment thus did you. I don’t wish you awful and I don’t need us back together simply like I’m certain you don’t. I needn’t bother with you needn’t bother with me however we will dependably be connected in the general population regardless.”

Minaj not just took a hit at Samuels’ money related activities, yet his appearance also. “I should’ve never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!! It fell pull out cuz God don’t care for ugly!!!! You utilized me however God had other plans!!!!!” she composed.

She said Samuels and Tyga went to a similar specialist for the hairline (which clearly cost “10 racks”), however Samuels demands he and Tyga went to various specialists. Or maybe, for some odd reason they “did it that day.”

After his post about the blade occurrence, Samuels declared he has no hard affections for Minaj. In a generally agreeable tweet, he stated, “regardless I don’t have no despise for you cuz I’m glad as far as I could tell now. Make the most of your collection dropping.”

In that same message, he additionally offered the “Barbie Dreams” artist some counsel: “And quit letting these ppl see you sweat. This ain’t you. You too huge to act the manner in which you be acting. No1 on ur level acts that way. Period”

While this Twitter fight prepared, Minaj posted a photograph of herself tasting some Starbucks frosted tea. The famous tea has most unquestionably been both spilled and tasted.

After much Twitter fighting, Minaj advanced sending positive vibes out into the universe. “On the off chance that you shake mind me and this collection, how about we switch our concentration back to the positive stuff ONLY. I’m so pleased with #Queen. Individuals would slaughter to discharge such a widely praised assortment of work. I’m in an awesome state of mind and you ought to be in one as well!!! To GOD be the GLORY!” she tweeted.

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